gaëlle wagner

Gaëlle Wagner finds her artistic identity in abstract painting. 

She prefers to leave room for the nature of a flow, movement or impulse rather than the representation of the real world. 

"My painting does not impose a way of looking."

Wagner's work is based on a research on colour, on the dynamics of light in pictorial construction, and is resolutely oriented towards abstract expressionism. It is above all the impulsive, not systematically intellectualized gesture that guides her towards the canvas, through a vibrant explosion of colours. 

Combining technicality and freedom, her work is a place where premeditation and improvisation, time and space, support and gesture are confronted.

"The senses attributed to my painting are made and undone, I wish it to be the moment of questioning and meditation."

Wagner's painting finds its balance not only in chance and spontaneity but also in a reflection on the mastery of shapes and colours.

Her paintings are mostly large formats, and combine various techniques (painting, spray can, collages, felt pen or Posca drawing) and media (wood, concrete, polystyrene, canson). She creates series of paintings on wood, polystyrene or concrete in coherence and resonance with each other. 

Gaëlle Wagner was born in 1984 in a working-class district in the suburbs of Strasbourg. Inspired by the urban environments around her, she developed a passion for painting and photography at an early age.

Authentic self-taught, it is since adolescence and then at the evening classes of the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg and at the ESAD of Orléans, that she has continued her creative process.

Living in Orléans since 2011, Gaëlle Wagner has oriented herself towards painting that is punctuated by the power of colour.

She has already held several exhibitions in Strasbourg, at Gallery 9 in Nancy, at the Gallery of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris, as well as in the Centre Val de Loire Region, notably at the Gallery of the Château de Saran, at the Passion Culture bookshop in Orléans and more recently in 2019 at XUL, a contemporary art fair at 108 rue de Bourgogne - Orléans.

She will also exhibit in 2020 at the Galerie de la mairie de Blois.

Fascinated by internationally renowned artists such as Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell or Jonone, Wagner draws her inspiration from their creative energy, oscillating between total freedom and control.

Working essentially flat on the ground, the artist mixes colour gradients with spray or roller and paint projections tirelessly sown on canvas. 

Following her performance, the painting then reveals its intensity when she leaves the ground to take on its meaning and dimension in a vertical position, allowing us to see her contrasts, her materials and the dynamics of the painted movements.

Wagner's painting represents her as she is, frank, direct, passionate and obstinate, in the service of life. 

Combining strength and precision, through the use of harmonious colours, this young artist puts herself at the service of the search for pictorial harmony.